Slapgat ‘n roll



“Slapgat” – a lazy sloppy person, slacker

“Gat” – anus or vagina. 

“Jou ma se gat”means your mother’s ass and is very insulting

 This winter saw the release of the definitive Wild Youth double 180 gram vinyl limited edition of 300.  The set consists of a LP plus 12” EP and the recordings are from best available sources in most cases the original master reel to reels.  The records are housed in a beautiful rustic cardboard outer sleeve with period artwork.

42 minutes long the set is split into 4 distinctly themed sides in great sound quality.

Side 1:  The Wild Youth official releases 1979-1981

  1. All Messed Up (Six Of The Best)
  2. Record Companies (Six Of The Best)
  3. Wot Bout Me (7”)
  4. Radio Youth (7” b side)
  5. Avalanche (unreleased single 1981)
  6. Take Off (unreleased b side 1981)

Side 2:  The post Wild Youth recordings 1987-2015, a selection of songs that continue the spirit of Wild Youth.

  1. Iron Vest (Gay Marines)
  2. Wild Girl (The Retros)
  3. Trash City (Gay Marines)
  4. Time Stood Still (Gay Marines)
  5. Desperate Lives (Gay Marines)

Side 3:  The demo recordings 1979 – 1983

  1. So Messed Up (Wild Youth 1979)
  2. Record Companies (Wild Youth 1979)
  3. So Trendy (Wild Youth 1979)
  4. Action Man (Gay Marines 1983)

Side 4:  The Gay Marines “Fork Tongue” (plays at 45 rpm)

Recorded in 1987 “Fork Tongue” is different in musical style to the rest of the album.  I describe it as “kwela punk”.  The lyrics are a socio political commentary about South Africa of the time.  Listened in hindsight I feel it is as relevant worldwide in 2015 as it was in South Africa 1987.