Neue Wilde


A multi genre multi-cultural collage of feedback, art punk garage with funk, disco, African, jazz, Latino, easy listening vs politico punk, electronic, a glam Krautrock cabaret. 

Good time music. Side A is short songs. On side B the songs are longer a bit more experimental and darker. But even the last song which is more funereal is meant to be positive and uplifting as opposed to depressing. 

A year in our lives. 

The feedback, the synth noises and quiet barely audible keyboard melodies are all meant to be there.

Every song has its own story.

To be released end of March on limited edition vinyl (250 copies) and CD (100 copies).  It is available now on download and Spotify.

Track listing and comments

  1. Kwela Funk “the people got the power”
  2. Caveman Rock “escape civilization and address your mortality”
  3. While Away My Days “pre Brexit optimism recorded 14 June 2016”
  4. Cunts, Traitors, Betrayal and Liars “post Brexit referendum blues written late June 2016”
  5. Neon City “so messed up”
  6. World Cup Theme “incidental music for bars where the crowd chatter becomes the lyrics”
  7. Catwalk “fashion”
  8. Whatever Happened To The Stars “a eulogy”

Music for bars, parties or for listening alone.

“Cunts, Traitors, Betrayal and Liars” is averaging a thousand plays per dayon Spotify.