Snake Eyes

4871-CW-107-A Michael Fleck - Snake Eyes Wallet

Today sees the release of the Snake Eyes CD on Retrobution Records catalog number RBCD01 .

The album is a partnership between Michael Fleck and Patrick Atkinson.  The album was professionally recorded as a intended big release in the early nineties and remained in the vaults until now.

Michael brought in original song sketches and Pat developed the ideas in the studio over several weekends.  All instruments were played by Pat and Michael sang lead vocals.

They both had experience in bands, Michael most notably in Wild Youth and Pat had recently finished a stint in John Moore’s Expressway a Jesus and Mary Chain offshoot who had supported several respected artists including Jon Spencer’s Pussy Galore.

It is an interesting project covering many styles, a big blasting alternate rock album but also arty, funky and tender in places.  A travelogue part fact and part fictional.

Goodbye Durban hello London America Europe.

Taken direct from the original masters we now give you Snake Eyes presented in a beautiful high quality laminated card wallet sleeve.

The cover features vivid studio portraits intended for the original nineties album.  The artwork was done by Brett Lock and Christopher Houston of the Sighs Of Monsters in consultation with Michael.

The time is right for having fun.





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